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Sound Absorbing Panels
What are Sound Absorbing Panels?

Sound Absorbing Panels, commonly known as Echo Panels, are panels manufactured using sound absorbing materials. When sound travels around a room or space it will bounce off of reflective surfaces such as hard floors, walls, ceilings or glass, causing what we know as echo or reverberation.

The specialist sound absorbing materials used to manufacture the panels absorb the sound as it travels, reducing the echo/reverberation within the space, providing a greater clarity of sound and a lower overall volume.

How can Sound Absorbing Panels help you?

We can install sound absorbing panels in all manner of settings to improve the sound clarity and reduce the overall volume, such as:

  • Offices - Meeting Rooms, Call Centres, Conference Rooms

  • Schools – Classrooms, Halls, BB93 requirements

  • Restaurants, Pubs and Clubs

  • Function Rooms

  • Sound/Music Studios – Improve sound and recording quality

  • Residential Environments


Whether it is a work, educational or hospitality setting, acoustically treating a space can provide positive outcomes, such as:

  • Happier staff, pupils and customers

  • Increased concentration and productivity

  • Better staff retention due to more suitable working environment

  • Increased profits

  • Provide a better work environment for hearing impaired staff members, pupils and customers.

Our Solutions

Sound Absorbing Panels can be manufactured in a large array of colours, and shapes and sizes. The panels can be fixed to walls and ceilings, to subtly blend in with existing décor or create a functional design feature.

Some possible solutions are listed below: 

White Painted Panels

White painted Panels are our most cost effective acoustic treatment.


These panels are manufactured using 40mm Class A sound absorbing core material and can be provided in various pre-made sizes and shapes.

white sound absorbing panel, to reduce echo and reverberation

Fabric Wrapped Panels

Fabric wrapped sound panels are manufactured using 40mm Class A sound absorbing core material.


These panels can be custom made to bespoke sizes to suit the wall or ceiling space available, making them an ideal solution for nearly all environments.

fabrics used to wrap panels for decorative finish
panel showing class a sound absorbing core and
room with echo panels installed on the wall behind a sofa, creating pleasant acoustics

Photo/Printed Panels

Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

Photo/Printed Panels are manufactured using the same Class A sound absorbing core material as our white painted and fabric wrapped panels.

Any image can be printed on the panels, from your company logo your favourite artwork. Providing a functional and discrete sound absorbing panels.

example of a photo print panel solution, your business logo here
example of serene artwork printed on to sound absorbing panel

Acoustic Wood Slat Panels are available in various wood effects, providing good sound absorption and sound diffusion in a modern, sleek design.

attractive, modern wood slat acoustic panels installed to office wall

Sound Absorbing Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Suspended grid ceilings, are commonly used in a large number of environments from offices to classrooms and many more.

A simple, yet effective solution to improve the sound quality within a room with a suspended grid ceiling is to replace the existing ceiling tiles with class A sound absorbing ceiling tiles, providing excellent sound absorption qualities.

class a sound absorbing tiles used in a suspended ceiling
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