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Ceiling Soundproofing Solutions

Expertly Installed Ceiling Soundproofing in Bristol, Bath, the South-West & Wales

In the modern world, a large number of us live converted or purpose built flats or apartments. Living in such close quarters can often cause intrusive sounds such as footsteps, conversation and TV noise. Our ceiling soundproofing systems will provide the peace and quiet needed to remove the stress and anxiety caused by these intrusive sounds, giving you the home you deserve.


When it comes to ceiling soundproofing, there are some important factors that need to be included within the ceiling soundproofing system to achieve a great result:​​

  • Absorption – This is achieved by using dense acoustic insulation within the joists to absorb the soundwaves, this is very effective for airborne sound, especially the higher frequencies.

  • Isolation/Dampening – Incorporating a resilient clip system within a ceiling provides the separation needed to reduce the vibrational transfer through the ceiling structure. This system acts in a similar way to a shock absorber, helping to dissipate the vibrations within.

  • Mass – The mass of the ceiling acts as a shield, blocking the sound and trapping it within the ceiling. This is achieved by using multiple layers of high density acoustic plasterboards.



We offer a wide variety of ceiling soundproofing solutions, with systems designed to suit all environments. From flats in converted Victorian properties to new build houses. Our ceiling soundproofing systems are designed to reduce both airborne noise and impact noise and with the performance required to achieve the ‘Part E’ passage of sound regulation.

Mute Clip Ceiling System

The Mute Clip ceiling system acts like a mini shock absorber to limit the vibrations coming through a structure. The acoustic plasterboards are then fixed to a furring channel creating a floating ceiling effect.

This system is highly effective at reducing airborne noise and impact noise due to the added resilience within the clip design. The overall depth of this system is 78mm from the joist structure. Making it suitable for use nearly all environments, giving excellent results without becoming intrusive.

To further improve the performance of the ceiling system, an optional upgrade of an acoustic membrane can be included within. 

cross section of mute clip ceiling system, designed to reduce airborne and impact noise

Mute Clip 'LP' Ceiling System

The mute clip ‘LP’ ceiling system performs the same as the standard mute clip system, however the clips are attached to an angled bracket. The angled brackets are fixed to the inside of the joist face as opposed to the bottom, taking up less space within the room.

This is ideal for lower ceilings, as we can achieve the same great performance while reducing the height lost within the room.

The ‘LP’ clips can also be used in older properties where the existing joist structure may be unlevel after years of movement, making the new ceiling level without the additional time and expense of constructing a new ceiling structure.

cross section of mute clip lp system, a space saving soundproof ceiling solution

Independent Ceiling System

In some circumstances, where the space is available and the impact sound transfer is particularly intrusive, it can be a good idea to construct a new ceiling structure, independent from the existing ceiling structure.

This complete separation eliminates all points of contact. For maximum performance a resilient system can be incorporated within the independent ceiling, providing an excellent sound reduction on impact and airborne noise transfer.

independent soundproof ceiling cross section
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