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Floor Soundproofing Solutions

Expertly installed Floor Soundproofing in Bristol, Bath, the South-West & Wales

In the modern world, a large number of us live converted or purpose built flats or apartments. Living in close quarters can often cause intrusive sounds such as footsteps, conversation and TV noise. Our systems will provide the peace and quiet needed to remove the stress and anxiety caused by these intrusive sounds, giving you the home you deserve.


When it comes to floor soundproofing, the first thing to understand is to what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to block noise travelling up from below? Or are you trying to block noise travelling down from above?

Most soundproofing products designed to be used within floor soundproofing systems are biased towards an impact noise reduction or an airborne noise reduction, however as with all effective soundproofing, there are some major factors that need to be incorporated within floor soundproofing systems to achieve the results you deserve.

Each of the factors listed below are equally as important as the next, and will need to be used in combination with each other to maximize the performance of the floor soundproofing solution to give you the noise reduction that you desire.​

  • Absorption – This is achieved by using dense acoustic insulation within the floor void to absorb the soundwaves, this is very effective for airborne sound, especially the higher frequencies.


  • Isolation/Dampening – Incorporating some resilience within the floor system helps to reduce the vibrational transfer through the floor structure created by footfall and other impact sounds.


  • Mass – The mass of the floor acts as a shield, blocking the sound and trapping it within the floor structure. This is achieved by using high density soundproofing materials

We offer a wide variety of expertly installed floor soundproofing solutions to suit all environments, from flats in converted Victorian properties to new build houses. Our floor soundproofing systems are designed with the performance required to achieve the ‘Part E’ passage of sound regulation.

Impact Noise Floor Soundproofing System

The absorbalay impact mats are an excellent choice when trying to reduce the impact noise transfer created by footfall and other impact sounds, providing a highly resilient layer above the floor structure that helps to dampens the vibrations and dissipate the noise within.

Your chosen finished floor covering can then be fitted above, there may be a need for an additional ply layer when installing certain floors, such as laminate flooring, to provide a firm base.

The airborne performance can also be enhanced when using an acoustic membrane as part of the system.

absorbalay flooring system, spundproof flooring system designed to reduce impact noise such as footsteps

Airborne Noise Floor Soundproofing Solution SBX Board System

The sbx boards are filled with silica sand, which along with the corrugated core design, helps to dissipate and disrupt the sound as it tries to travel through the boards, making them an excellent choice when it comes to an airborne noise reduction.

Although mainly biased towards an airborne noise reduction, the sbx boards will reduce impact noise. This systems performance can be further enhanced when used in combination with additional layers, such as an acoustic membrane, rubber underlays and additional floor deck layers above.

sbx board flooring system, designed to reduce airborne noise, such as conversation and t.v and music

Space Saving Floor Soundproofing
Under Floor Hanger System

The under-floor hanger system is an acoustic floor solution designed to combat both impact and airborne noise, raising the height of the existing floor by a very small amount. The hangers are installed over the floor joists, with an isolation strip incorporated to dampen the impact noise transfer. Along with high density acoustic mineral wool, a 19mm sound shield plank is then installed between the joists and sealed using an acoustic mastic.

An acoustic membrane can also be added to this system to further improve the performance.


The hanger design allows the 19mm sound shield plank to sit below the floorboards, making this system a good choice if you want keep exposed floorboards as your finished floor covering.

under floor hanger system, space saving floor soundproofing system
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