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Wall Soundproofing Solutions

Expertly installed wall soundproofing in Bristol, Bath, South-West & Wales

When it comes to wall soundproofing, there are some important factors that need to be included within the wall soundproofing system to achieve an effective sound reduction


  • ​Absorption – This is achieved by using dense acoustic insulation that absorbs the soundwaves, this is very effective for airborne sound, especially the higher frequencies.


  • Isolation/Dampening – Because sound travels through vibrations, constructing an independent frame provides separation from the offending wall, the small air gap helps to reduce the sound transfer. We then need to include some dampening within the wall, this is called resilience. Including a resilient system within the wall is imperative to achieve maximum sound reduction, especially when it comes to impact noise.


  • Mass – The mass of the wall acts as a shield, blocking the sound and trapping it within the wall. This is achieved by using multiple layers of high density acoustic plasterboards.

Our wall soundproofing systems are rated from bronze to gold, with solutions to suit all budgets and requirements.

We also have slimline wall soundproofing systems if space is at a premium, and each of our systems can be adapted to upgrade existing stud walls.


Using our knowledge and experience we can also provide bespoke wall soundproofing solutions for those trickier problem walls.​​

bronze medal icon, related to our standard acoustic wall system

Independent Wall System

bronze medal icon, related to our standard acoustic wall system

This is our standard acoustic wall system, designed to provide effective soundproofing on a lower budget. The independent framework, provides separation from the offending wall, allowing for the installation of 60kg per m3 acoustic mineral wool, we then fix two layers of 15mm dB plasterboard direct to the independent stud frame.


cross section independent acoustic stud wall
silver medal icon, related to our resilient bar soundproof wall system

Independent Wall with Resilient Bar System

silver medal icon, related to our resilient bar soundproof wall system

Resilient bars, as the name suggest act as the resilient layer that separates the mass of plasterboards from the rest of the surface that you are soundproofing. What is key to the success of any soundproofing work is that the weight you add should, where possible, be separated from the surface to be soundproofed by a resilient or springy layer. The resilient bars will improve the wall performance on both airborne and impact noise. We now replace the final layer using a 15mm layer of dB plasterboard to provide additional mass.


cross section of a resilient bar wall system
gold medal icon, related to our best wall soundproofing solution

Independent Wall with Mute Clip System

gold medal icon, related to our best wall soundproofing solution

An independent wall with Mute Clip system is our most effective walls system, for both airborne and impact noise, providing an excellent acoustic performance.

The high performance comes from a combination of both the separated stud framework that creates lesser points of contact with the existing wall and using the Mute Clip which is composed of a dual density rubber in a galvanised metal case - acting as a shock absorber.

The Mute Clip channel affixed to the Mute Clip and the new soundproof wall which is composed of a layer of 19mm sound plank, and a dense layer of 15mm sound board suspends away from the partition wall, ultimately resulting in our most improved reduction of noise, especially in the more problematic lower to middle lower frequencies, as well as reducing immediate vibrations.

cross section of mute clip wall system. our best performing acoustic wall

SM20 Slimline Wall System

Where there is very limited space, our slimline wall system is an excellent option, providing an improvement over and above the existing wall by up to 16dB’s, when you bare in mind that upgrading a wall by 10dB equates to a 50% improvement in perceived noise reduction, a 16dB improvement is quite impressive.


The SM20 panel system is a high-performance wall soundproofing solution that has good acoustic performance, like other solutions this dense recycled rubber will provide a reliable soundproofing barrier. The high-density recycled rubber panels are cut to size and stuck to the party wall covering the whole offending surface, all imperfections (uneven walls) are filled with Acoustic mastic ready for the first layer of acoustic plasterboard.

cross section of sm20 wall system. a space saving soundproof wall system

Wall Soundproofing Systems Optional Upgrades

  • Each of our independent wall soundproofing systems can be upgraded using an acoustic membrane to further improve the performance of the wall system by up to 8 dB's

  • Our SM20 slimline wall soundproofing system can be upgraded by incorporating additional layer of SBX Board within, to add more mass to the wall system.

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